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A5 time frequency high density IP system

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UltraMarker A5 time frequency high density IP system


UltraMarker A5 time-frequency high-density system, including A5 time-frequency IP host, hand-held telemetry terminal, MSU-10A, MSU-4A transceiver separation cascade electrode converter, MSU-4B, MSU-10B, MSU-24B transceiver cascade electrode converter, high-density and overlay cable, metal electrode and non-polarized electrode. Ultra Marker A5 time-frequency polarimeter is a combination of mature AC induced polarization (frequency domain induced polarization) and DC induced polarization (time domain induced polarization) theory, using 32-bit A/D high-precision high-speed oversampling recording technology, modern digital signal processing technology, embedded real-time operating system technology, large-scale field programmable array logic A new generation of electrometer, which combines AC-induced polarization with DC-induced polarization, is developed by the latest electronic technology.

The instrument can be used not only for DC IP exploration, but also for AC IP exploration. It can be widely used in the following fields:

Metal and non-metallic mineral resources exploration;

Urban, highway, railway and power engineering geological exploration (karst, fault fracture zone, landslide body, etc.);

Soil and garbage station environmental monitoring.

Groundwater, determination of reservoir dam foundation and hidden danger location of flood prevention embankment and other hydrogeological exploration.

1. Characteristics and functions of time frequency high density system

Receiving and transmitting full separation technology-the separation of receiving and transmitting cables from receiving and transmitting electrodes, the separation of MSU-10A and MSU-4A receiving cables from transmitting cables, avoiding the secondary field or phase interference caused by capacitive coupling and inductance coupling of power supply circuit and measuring circuit, the separation of receiving and transmitting electrodes, avoiding the nature caused by slow potential discharge after electrode emission. The potential drift is large.

High-efficiency and excellent high-density IP system-using phase IP measurement method, a point measurement time can be up to 125 ms, compared with the traditional power supply 2 seconds off-supply 2 seconds to save 63 times the measurement time, efficiency can replace the traditional time-consuming high-density DC IP; phase IP and dual-frequency IP than DC IP anti-jamming ability is stronger. In the complex electromagnetic interference environment, the normal effect can be collected, and more IP parameters such as phase, phase difference, dispersion rate can be measured.

The unique low-power design and relay communication technology, which is the cutting-edge equipment for accurate IP prospecting in the middle and deep depths, can realize high-density IP measurement in the long section of kilometers, and obtain IP information in the middle and deep depths efficiently and accurately.

Intelligent, reliable and friendly control terminal, intelligent rolling measurement, can make the section infinite continuity; self-defined pole-running file, in addition to the standard high-density device form, can also be customized according to actual needs pole-running mode; perfect measurement and control process, with grounding resistance detection, electrode potential overrun self-extension measurement and automatic gain Function to ensure that high-quality raw data can still be obtained under strong background noise; real-time monitoring, real-time display of apparent resistivity / apparent polarizability / apparent phase / video dispersion pseudo-cross-section chromatogram, curve and apparent resistivity / apparent polarizability, primary field potential and other measured real values.

2, A5 host features

Time-domain and frequency-domain dual-domain IP instrument - that is, it has the function of conventional DC IP instrument, also has the function of single-frequency AC IP (phase IP) and dual-frequency AC IP instrument with strong anti-interference ability.

The measurement parameters are voltage, current, apparent resistivity, mean square error, spontaneous potential, elevation, apparent polarizability, video dispersion, apparent phase, apparent phase difference, metal factor, half-life time, attenuation, excitation ratio, deviation, grounding resistance and voltage attenuation curve (time domain IP data).

Large power supply, wide range, high precision measurement - up to 9000W power supply, 160Vp-p ultra-wide voltage input range, 1uV potential repetition accuracy; the use of analog and digital multi-stage high precision filtering, signal enhancement technology and strong noise suppression technology to achieve very high accuracy of small signal measurement, so that the instrument can be better applied to Work in the high resistivity area will result in more stable and accurate measurement results.

High-speed full-waveform acquisition and storage --- both transmit current and receive potential are synchronized with full waveform acquisition at 1 kHz sampling rate, which can real-time monitor the external free electrical interference. Later, the polarizability of full-waveform potential can be calculated at any time interval by PC software.

Direct light and visibility in the field - using bright 24-bit true color LCD large screen, clear visible under direct sunlight, full Chinese man-machine interface, acquisition parameters settings, data display and storage, various curves and other fast and intuitive.

Portable and flexible - set of high-power emission, high-precision reception function in one, small size, light weight; equipped with "three-pole B" for joint profiling method and joint sounding method, can automatically measure P SA and P SB, without manual switching, improve measurement efficiency; can check the AB electrode and N N electrode grounding at any time, convenient and practical.

Super storage capacity - using high-speed 32G SD card storage, can store tens of millions of sets of data; support through the USB interface to export storage data, the instrument is automatically identified as a universal U disk memory, very convenient to use.

Ultra-large capacity smart batteries - instrument built-in imported smart lithium batteries, can read the temperature, capacity, health status and other information, charged can be continued for 16 hours.

Self-renewal and improvement of self-test capabilities - the instrument through the U-port copy of the latest installation package, boot can automatically update the latest application; intelligent diagnostic procedures can quickly and accurately check whether the instrument voltage, current acquisition is normal.

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